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Job Function:
Oversees the day to day operations and primarily para-professional level staff for the bakery. Manages pastry making and baking, suggest changes to inventory and product pricing as needed. Manages the business budget and maintains communication with foreign suppliers for food products.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Plan, schedule and supervise bakery production, shipping and cleaning activities to highest safety and sanitation standards.
2. Supervise, evaluate, train and schedule work of bakery staff.
3. Order and arrange for correct ingredients, supplies and equipment using computerized system.
4. Be responsible for consolidation of product orders from users.
5. Assure the proper use and care by staff of a large variety of highly specialized production equipment.
6. Develop, maintain, and update recipe files through computerized processes.
7. Be responsible for inventorying of stock.
8. Assist in developing and implementing merchandising plans for new cash operations, as required.
9. Assist bakers with production of new products or when schedule falls behind.
10. Inspecting bakery items to ensure that established standards on quality, uniformity, and aesthetic appeal are met.
11. Developing and implementing advertising and marketing strategies to attract new customers.
12. Strategically arranging bakery items in display cases to encourage customer purchases.
13. Must be able to frequently lift 50 pounds
14. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications:
1. High school diploma or GED.
2. Associate degree in Business Administration or other related area is advantageous.
3. Proven experience in budget and managing a bakery. 3-5 years in related area. We do check references.
4. A Food Manager Certification
5. Sound knowledge of different baking techniques.
6. The ability to work under pressure.
7. Outstanding problem-solving skills.
8. Excellent management skills.
9. Effective communication skills.
10. Exceptional customer service skills.
11. Must be bilingual. Speaking Portuguese is a must.
11. Spanish speaking is a plus
12. Recent Negative Test results of Covid-19

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